Friday, March 23, 2012

Smiling faces!

Whenever I head down to the Co-Op I'm always amazed at all of the smiling people there! I tell all of my friends it is the only grocery store where the people stocking the shelves, the person bagging your groceries, and the cashier are all smiling. I've often pondered how they could be in such a good mood, since it is volunteer based, everybody is working for free. But that is just it-the volunteers know deep down that they are making life better for their fellow man.  How? By offering better food choices, healthy choices, at affordable prices. I hope you make it down to see all of the smiling faces this week at 744 S. Main too!

Be sure to check our blog often. We will be offering recipes and fun games such as 'What is that?' and 'How do you cook that?' in the near future.


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