Thursday, November 3, 2011

Info for Friday November 5th and Saturday the 6th

Hi all,
This week we have lots of produce (much of it cheaper than usual, see below), and the return of Co-op hummus! Our big news is that we'll be operating from a different room in the Our Lady of the Road drop-in center starting the weekend of November 11 & 12. We'll have a work day this week, Wednesday at 9am to paint this room, it would be great if you could join.
And we have another request: Could you write a few sentences on your experience of the Co-op? We are writing the report for a grant we received earlier this year, and individual testimonies are essential. Just respond to this email in the next couple days. Thanks!
Hope you can join us this week Friday 2-6 or Saturday 9-2.
Local Honey from Nappanee, $5/16oz
Co-op made almond and peanut butter both $2.50/16 oz
Co-op hummus, $1.75/8oz and $3.50/16oz
Produce (italicized items are cheaper this week than usual):
Green Cabbage, $.70/each
Organic green tomatoes, $.75/lb
Broccoli, $1.50/head
Organic red beets, $.30/each
Organic radishes, $.30/lb
Green peppers, $.25/each
Squash: acorn $.40 each; butternut (mostly organic); $.30/lb; spaghetti (organic) $.40 each
Organic garlic, $.20/head
Pumpkins (large), $2.00/each
Sweet potatoes, $.70/lb
Winesap, Rome Delicious, (organic) Honeycrisp  apples, $1.00/lb
Sweet onions, $.50/lb
White potatoes, $.30/lb

From B&B Organics (all organic):
Salad mixes, $1.25-2.00
Nectarines, $.30
Lemons, $.20 each
Avocados, $.70 each
Pomegranates, $.35 each
Cauliflower, $.50 each
Baby carrots, $.75/bag
Zucchinis, $.70 each
Cucumbers, $.40 each
Celery, $.50/stalk

And one more thing, the Co-op could really use a couple more food processors or blenders to make our nut butters and such. If you have an extra we'd happily accept the donation!
Peace and a wonderful weekend to you,

Monroe Park Grocery Co-Op
Working Together for Quality, Affordable Foods

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