Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19 Co-op Foods and Prices

Hi all,

Here is this week's Co-op items and prices list. Look for lots and lots of new local, organic produce; new dairy items, new breads, and new Co-op prepared cereals. Also, not listed are refrigerated entrees that members prepared this week based on Co-op produce. As about them when you come in.

We hope to see you!


BOLDED items are new 
Italicized Items are locally made or grown
** Starred items are out of stock this week**
ItemCo-op Price
Carol's Niles Garden (Local, Chemical-free)
Cucumber.25 each
Eggplant.30 each
RadishesTo be determined
Peppers, yellow-green.35 each
Peppers, hot.60/bag of 5
Squash, tiny, summer.10 each
Squash, Summer (yellow, other varieties).35 each
Squash, Patty Pan (circular, scalloped, white).35 each
Tomatoes, cherry (red and yellow)1.00/pint
Zuchini, Mediteranian and regular.35 each
Napanee Produce Auction (No spray, Local, Amish Farms)
Banana peppers, sweet.60 /bag of 5
Broccoli (small-medium).75/head
Butternut Squash1.25 each
Cantalope (large, heirloom)2.25 each (only 1)
Cabbage, green.60 each
Garden Key.20/bunch
Green Beans (picked Thursday)1.25/1lb bag
Green Peppers.35 each
Cucumbers, (regular or half moon shaped).25 each
Mushrooms2.50/quart box (only 2)
Peaches (Co-op's first local peaches).35 each
Peppers, red and yellow.35 each
Peppers, green.35 each
Potatoes, Yukon Gold.25 each
Watermellons (large)2.75 each
Plowshares Farm (Local, Chemical-free)
Squash, summer.35/ each
Zucchini.35/ each
Swiss chard1.25/bunch
Sweet Corn .35/each
Tomatoes, Pink Brandenburg (heirloom).45/each
Tomatoes, Early Girls and Yellow.35/each
B&B Organics (all produce certified organic)
Apples, single.35 each
Apples, bag2.00 each
Carrots, baby (bag)1.00 each
Grapefruit.50 each
Lemons, single.15 each
MelonsTo be determined
Onions.40 each
Oranges.40 each
Plums, single.25 each, 5/1.00
Pluots.40 each
Salad mixes (all)1.50 each
Yams, Sweet PotatoesTo be determined
Other Produce
Celery, organic, not local grown.50/bag
Bananas (Dole), from grocery store.50/lb
Locally Made Spreads
Jennifer's Lemon-Garlic Hummus (Co-op made)1.50/8oz, 3.00/16oz
Peanut butter (ES, Cinamon)2.30/lb
Peanut butter (ES, natural)2.30/lb
Peanut butter (ES, organic, just peanut)3.40/lb
Baked Goods
Backwoods Bakery (Local, Amish farm based)
Bread, wheat2.50/ loaf
Bread, raisin4.25/ loaf
**Cookies, chewy raisin oatmeal3.50/ doz
Cookies, peanut butter3.50/ doz
Daniel Yoder (Local, Amish baker/farmer)
(on sale) Noodles, egg(on sale) $1.00/ half pound, $2.00/ lb
German Rye Pumpernickel Bread1.50/pack
Aunt Millie's (seconds) Whole Grain Breads
Whole grain breads (24oz +)1.30/loaf
Whole grain english muffins1.30/pack of 6
Co-op made Cereals
Jennifer's Granola2.75/lb
Muesli (rolled grains and dried fruit)1.50 1lb bag, 3.00/2lb bag
Grape Nut Cereal Medley /Snack Mix1.50 1lb bag, 3.00/2lb bag
Grass-pastured, local (Plowshares Farm)1.25/ half doz, 2.50/ doz, 
Milk, (skim, 2%, whole)2.75/gallon, 1.40/half gallon 
Milk, shelf stable, pack of three1.00/pack of 3
Yogurt, plain or vanilla, fat free1.80/32oz.
Yogurt, blueberry or vanilla, fat free.40/6oz.
Yogurt, strawberry or raspberry, low fat.40/6oz.
Cheese, chunk (Cheddar, Mont. Jack, Colby)2.00/8oz
String Cheese3.30/pack
Cream Cheese, reg or whipped1.80/8oz
Drinks (milk, soy, orange juice)
Milk, (skim, 2%, whole)2.75/gallon, 1.40/half gallon 
Milk, shelf stable, pack of three1.00/pack of 3x6oz
Soy milk, vanilla2.00/64oz.
Orange juice, from concentrate, all juice2.00/64oz.
Orange Juice, pack of 6, all juice2.70/pack of 6x6oz
Locally Canned Fruit and Veggies
Carrots, canned (from Lisa Weaver)2.00/ 16 oz jar
Mixed veggies (from Lisa Weaver)2.00/ 16 oz jar
**Pickles, canned4.00/ 16 oz jar
Selected New Shelf Items (There are many more!)
Coffee, ground5.50/34oz.
Coffee, ground, decaf2.80/11.3 oz
Coffee filters1.00/pack
Bulk Goods (from E&S in Shipshewana)
Almonds, bulk, raw,  unsalted4.50/lb
Beans, dry, black.85/lb
Beans, Great Northern.85/lb
Beans, Navy.85/lb
Beans, dry, garbanzo1.85/ lb
Beans, dry, kidney.85/ lb
Beans, dry, pinto.85/lb
Buckwheat, Polish Brown1.50 / lb
Buckwheat, Polish White1.50/ lb
Flax Seed1.40/ lb
Flour, bulk, white, chem-free.70/ lb
Flour, bulk, whole wheat.60/ lb
Flour, sprouted whole wheat, organicas marked
Lentils, green1.45/ lb
Oats, steel-cut.65/ lb
Oats. bulk, rolled or quick.87/ lb
Peas, dry, black-eyed1.00/lb
Peas, dry, split1.40/ lb
Peanuts, bulk, dry roasted, unsalted1.75/ lb
Rice, brown.80/ lb
Quinoa3.84/ lb
Banana Chips, unsweetened2.18/lb
Apple rings, dry5.27/lb
Flour, gluten freeas marked
Almonds, seconds, coated1.75/lb
Sunflower seeds, raw2.00/lb
Whole wheat Cous cous2.10/lb
Rainbow Popcorn Unizque Mix.95/lb

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