Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sat 5/7: EBT, Healing, and Expanded Hours

Greetings dear Co-op friends!

What’s the matter? A little grocery store cynicism? Have you been beaten down? Beaten down by long lines, rudeness, and unhealthy foods? Then mam or sir, you must return... you must RETURN to the REMEMBRANCE of your noble birthright. Yay the DESTINY, that beckons you fourth to the threshold of endless aisles of milk and honey, through verdant fooded pastures where ANGELS dance on shelves and the TOUCH.. of an egg heals both body and soul, and ankle swelling. Friend, You need to come by this Saturday for a HEALING!! We have a grocery room full of organic produce …MEAT… and home-baked this that and the other and it’s waiting here, for you. We need somebody to RECEIVE this healing!! We need somebody to CLAIM this box of organic produce!! At the LOW, low price of seven dollars, you best claim your box before I do. And yet, brothers and sisters, and yet, let's go about this with all COOLness. It's a long, hot road and this place is just starting to pop.

New for the week of Saturday May 7th:

We now accept EBT funds!

And, we have new hours! We’re now open 12:30 – 4pm in the old weather amnesty room at the drop-in center, same address as before. 744 S Main, the Our Lady of the Road Drop-in Center.

Our new Co-op room has a rec. area… with a ping-pong table!! Come and play with us! We also have a comfy couch corner if you would prefer peace and quiet.

We have a Mother’s Day Meat Special running this week, with low-price meat packages designed for Mother’s Day grilling, school lunches, and steak fights.

Want more general information on the Co-op?

Please visit our Facebook page at, get in touch with us by email at, or call (574) 889-0761.

Peace to you,
The Cooptinator

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